quality inspection 01Sintergy, Inc.’s goal is to have satisfied customers by meeting or exceeding all of their expectations the first time, every time.

At Sintergy, we work hard all day, every day to provide the highest level of quality.

  • Quality System – Sintergy has a strict quality system, as outlined by policies and procedures that rely heavily on the “Employee Responsibility” concept.
  • Quality Assurance Department – This function focuses on making certain that every employee understands the criteria established by our customers and ensures that the proper inspection tools are readily available for assuring excellent product quality.
  • Employees – Each employee plays a vital role in supplying our customers with quality powder metal components by inspecting and signing off on their own work.
  • Equipment – Any equipment or gauge found to be out of calibration is immediately taken out of service.

ISO-9001-2008 Certified Since 2005

Sintergy is proud to be registered to the ISO-9001-2008 Quality Standard, as a part of our commitment to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Although Sintergy is not required to become certified, we made the decision to go above and beyond our customer requirements to pursue this prestigious certification. This decision was based on our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.